The Best Places To Live In The UK?

The United Kingdom is a beautiful country with pristine landscapes, historic cobblestoned cities, grassy countryside, and more. The days are nice during the summer, and the winter weather is not bad. Are you planning to move to the UK or interested in a change of environment? Finding the best UK cities to settle in can be tricky, considering the multiple options available. But there is always a city that best suits your specific needs. Contrary to the popular view, the best cities to live in the UK are outside the capital. Living outside the UK capital offers a cheaper cost of living and takes you closer to the beauty of the British countryside. Each city outside the capital offers a unique personality and style. If you are not sure of how to start, find some inspiration with our list of best places to emerge from the UK.


Just along the South Coast of England, Brighton is a bustling resort city that serves as an excellent place to live for everyone. It is a part of the ceremonial county of East Sussex. Due to its closeness to London, it is often called the “London by the sea” by the locals. Brighton offers a distinct feel that is different from what is obtainable in the capital. There is a wide range of options for prospective inhabitants to choose from, from the liberal Kemptown to the hillside Hanover area. You will find affordable yet standard apartments in different parts of the cities to suit your budget and preferences.


Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland. The continuous reinvention of Glasgow over the decades means the city is known for many things at the same time. For instance, it was once the industrial hub of the entire country. But recently, Glasgow is one of the most sought-after UK destinations. From the ever-lively city centre to the amazing architectural gems representing the country’s heritage, there is so much to love about living in Glasgow. Whether you are a professional, student, or business person, there is always something for everyone in Glasgow.


Birmingham is the largest city in the United Kingdom. With its rich industrial heritage, the city is known for its bustling and multicultural ambience. There are tons of shopping outlets, museum, and canal-side dining. Considering the large size, you are more likely to find suitable accommodation in Birmingham, from Edgbaston and Harborne to Bournville and more. Birmingham’s location right in the middle of the UK means anyone can easily access several rural landscapes. Likewise, Birmingham is the second city, after London, which hosts some of the largest business, financial and professional services providers like Deutsche Bank, HSBC, and PwC. This growth has led to city living demand in areas like Harborne, Jewellery Quarter, and the city centre.


Cardiff is the capital of Wales, called ‘Caerdydd’ in the local Welsh language. It offers one of the best living conditions in the country. Despite these great standards, the cost of living in Cardiff is one of the most affordable on this list. You can easily access anywhere irrespective of where you stay, thanks to the compact nature of the city. Cardiff is suitable for both young professionals and families, with neighbourhoods like the Leafy Pontcanna. The city currently grows at a faster rate than any other top UK city. It is expected to be the fasted-growing core city over the next two decades.

York, North Yorkshire

This mini-metropolis is one of the best places to live in the United Kingdom, thanks to its rich history, cool outdoor areas, and advanced tech arrangements. York has undergone a form of industrial revolution over the years. Hence, it is easily an attractive city, especially for talented researchers, filmmakers, designers, and other professionals looking for a new place to stay.


Aberdeen is another Scottish city on this list. The port city northeast of Scotland is popular for its suitability for students. Aberdeen is historically known as Granite City, thanks to its historical grey-stone walls and buildings. The headquarters are in a Victorian structure – Marischal College – which doubles as an essential landmark in the area. Aberdeen is home to the fifth oldest UK university – the University of Aberdeen – and can help students save up to $3,000 in living cost if chosen over London.


Sunderland is popular for many things, but the top of the list include the high job satisfaction of residents, the low living costs, and the overall general wellbeing of inhabitants. These reasons make it the best city for under-30s and young professionals looking to start or explore new sides of their career. Sunderland is by the sea – offering fantastic beach and coastline views. There is also plenty of green spaces for lovers of nature. The transportation links are efficient, the housing is generally affordable, and the locals are warm and welcoming. So, if you have a family or business looking to relocate to the ideal UK city, you should consider Sunderland. The city offers a wide range of opportunities that can make a difference.


Manchester is a great city to live in for families and individuals looking to move to the United Kingdom. The dense and thriving city is located in the north of England. It is known for architecture, theatre, arts, and more. The city has reinvented its industrial history to become a modern, trendsetting metropolis welcoming people from all over the world. Besides being the third-largest UK city, Manchester is one of the fastest-growing regions in working in the UK. Many companies move out of expensive London to another city where the running costs are affordable. Although the housing in Manchester is expensive, it is not as expensive as what is obtainable in the capital.


Despite not being on this list, London is one of the best places to emerge in the UK. However, you should also consider other top cities when looking for a new place to live in the country. We have discussed some of these options in this article, and we hope they help you make an informed decision.


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